Hyjewelry Winter Show at Unique

Here's a photo recap of what happened at Unique USA this past weekend. I debuted my new clay necklace collection at the Unique show and it was received really well. Yay!!! My family and friends come to visit and cheer me on. Thank you everyone who came by! I even ran into a customer who was clad in my glass bubble jewelry from another store. Many people showed up to shop filling the space with great energy. Finally I want to thank my husband for making the show come true.


Unique USA - Winter Show

Hyjewelry is heading out to Unique USA this Winter, high above the L.A. skyline. Come and be merry with us.  The place will be filled with local makers and their unique products. You will be entertained with live DJs, free goodies, snacks, drinks, photo booths and more. Get your holiday shopping done in one place and buy locally made goods. 

I have been working on new clay collection for this show. Below is a sneak preview. Looking forward to seeing you at the Unique USA!

Unique USA - Winter Show

Cat Holiday Card Collection

Holidays are upon us. For this season I designed holiday cards with a theme of cat. My cat Mau is the inspiration for this collection. I thought about what would be the her ultimate holiday festivities -- this is what I came up with. 

Cat Holiday Collection by Hello Maupoo

Cat on Antlers 
Happy Holiday Feast

Holiday Fish Wreath

Happy Holiday Feast

Hellomaupoo at BoomBoomPrints!

I am thrilled to announce I am a featured artist at BoomBoomPrints. If you haven't heard of BoomBoomPrints, it's an online shop that specializes in baby products. They have wide range of products you can customize with designs from artist and designer from all over the world. If you need a little inspiration, check out their blog for nursery decorating ideas!

Hello Maupoo at BoomBoomPrints

Hellomuapoo Products at BoomBoomPrints

Hy Jewelry at Pasadena Museum of California Art

I have lived in LA for over a decade now and am still discovering new places. I guess that's the beauty of living in a big city. Recently I came to know Pasadena Museum of California Art through Susan Wang. I met Susan at Unique USA Show and she curates Pasadena Museum shop. This is a museum that excites you from the parking lot. When I visited there for the first time I was welcomed by the vibrant Kosmic Krylon Carnival mural in the parking lot, by Kenny Scharf. You can't help but to get excited to be in a space full of colors and wacky illustrations. I was there to deliver my jewelry to the museum store for the opening night and to see art. Susan has given me a space in the shop to create my own display and encourage me to share and promote my jewelry. After the set up, I got to preview Stas Orlovski: Chimera - projections of the 18th and 19th century moving drawing where histories, events, and dreams magically come together to create a world of its own. I stood there mesmerized by beautifully illustrated images come to life. Needless to say, go check it out! When you are there, stop by the museum store and check out my jewelry too.

Kosmic Krylon Carnival Mural at PMCA
Kosmic Krylon Carnival Mural at PMCA
Jewelry set up for an Opening night at PMCA
Hyjewelry Layout at PMCA
Hyjewelry Layout at PMCA
Stas Orlovski: Chimera 
Maddy at PMCA

Our Mau

I am glad it's today because our Mau is attacking our feet again. She's been very sick with IBS and it became very serious to the point where she stopped eating completely. Our vet helped as much as she could but at the end she told us she was out of options. Seeing my cat of 14 years suffering and not being able to help was a truly painful and heartbreaking experience. Good news is we were able to help her by syringe feeding her to ignite her appetite, along with a change of diet and medicine. She's eating again. We were ecstatic when she started attacking our feet again! Even though it hurts, we really missed her old feisty self. We are monitoring her and celebrating each breakthrough like her normal poop which after many months of diarrhea it's something to celebrate. Now it's time to give her hugs and kisses.

Mau falling asleep
Mau looking pretty
Mau asking, "what do you want?"

Hyjewelry at Food52!

I am super excited to announce my honeycomb necklace is featured on Food52 as part of Kitchen Wearable Goods. Food52 is a thriving food community where they feature mouth watering food photos daily. There you find a wealth of yummy recipes and community support for any food questions. In addition, they have a beautiful shop carrying products that are food related like my Honeycomb necklace! If you are unsure about what to create in your kitchen today, check out Food52 and get inspired!  Oh and can you guess who's wearing a Honeycomb necklace below?

Honeycomb Necklace at Food52

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