Our Mau

I am glad it's today because our Mau is attacking our feet again. She's been very sick with IBS and it became very serious to the point where she stopped eating completely. Our vet helped as much as she could but at the end she told us she was out of options. Seeing my cat of 14 years suffering and not being able to help was a truly painful and heartbreaking experience. Good news is we were able to help her by syringe feeding her to ignite her appetite, along with a change of diet and medicine. She's eating again. We were ecstatic when she started attacking our feet again! Even though it hurts, we really missed her old feisty self. We are monitoring her and celebrating each breakthrough like her normal poop which after many months of diarrhea it's something to celebrate. Now it's time to give her hugs and kisses.

Mau falling asleep
Mau looking pretty
Mau asking, "what do you want?"

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