Another 2013 Calendar

I designed this calendar back in 2009 and decided to revive it for this year. This one is called Organic Shape Series. I think it's a nice complement to the Geometric Series Calendar

2013 Organic Shape Series Collection
2013 Organic Shape Series - December
2013 Organic Shape Series - March
2013 Organic Shape Series - May
2013 Organic Shape Series - October
All images and design © 2012 Hyun Yu. All rights reserved.

2013 Calendar - Geometric Study

2013 calendar is finally here! Calendar is about inter-play of shapes. I've been wanting to work with geometric shapes for awhile and this calendar has given me an opportunity to explore the shapes to my heart's content. I hope you enjoy what came out of it.  

2013 Calendar - January

2013 Calendar - June

2013 Calendar - September

2013 Calendar - October

2013 Calendar 
All images and design © 2012 Hyun Yu. All rights reserved.


After many months of thinking and re-thinking, I am leaving my job to become a full time freelance designer. I've been at my job for over 8 years now and leaving the stable income and benefits wasn't an easy decision. For a long time I have known this is the path for me, but actually taking the plunge was whole other matter. For the past 6 months I have slowly worked up the courage to leave the old job to create something of my own.  I feel like I have grown through the process and gotten to know myself better.  Now here I am and yes! I am excited. As of next Friday, I am a full time independent designer. What is this mean for me, I will continue to do design work on contract basis and use time to focus on print designs and other product developments. It's all in the works, and I will share with you as it develops. Here is a print to commemorate the new chapter in my life.

Dream - 8x10" Print

Dream - 8x10" Print

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