My First Silver

Geometric Sterling Silver Necklace
Geometric Sterling Silver Bracelet 
Geometric Necklace and Bracelet Set

Back in May I took a jewelry making class and with new found skills I made this sterling silver necklace and bracelet. I was a little nervous at first to make jewelry with starling silver since up to this point I was mostly using cheap beads and metals. I'm happy with how it turned out. Their simplicity makes them easy to wear casual or dressy.

San Francisco Sky

San Francisco Sky I
San Francisco Sky II

Lovely aren't they in a moody sorta way? I took these photos some time back when I visited San Francisco and forgot about them until today. They must have drawn my attention this evening since the feeling of these photos completely captures the mood I'm in.

Hot Pink Stripes For Tuesday

Hot Pink Striped Shirt & Pattern
Look at what my father in-law got me over the weekend - hot pink striped shirt! I'm slightly addicted to stripes and hot pink nowadays. I wore it today and love the feel and the style on me. Next to the shirt is a pattern I created inspired by the shirt.

Three Day Weekend Is Here!

Satisfying an Ice Cream Craving - Santa Barbara, CA
Getting Ready to Ride a Four Wheel Bicycle - Santa Barbara, CA
Exciting Adventure of Riding a Four Wheel Bicycle - Santa Barbara, CA

It's finally here, three day weekend! I haven't really planned anything for the long weekend and love the possibility of all the things I can do - bike ride along the beach, eating ice cream, trying out new restaurants, filing income tax (not so fun but must get done). What is your long weekend like?

Plunging into the Unknown

Illumination I
Illumination II
I find inspiration in stories about people who took the plunge.  Don't like your job?  Change it.  It's a no-brainer... but that doesn't make it easy.  It is so hard and scary to pursue your real dreams, especially if it means entering uncharted waters like opening your own business.  So many things to hold you back -- no benefits, no steady salary in a bad economy, no sense of safety of simply knowing your job so well (even though it no longer inspires you).  I ride a roller coaster of emotions, of wanting, doubting, wanting, doubting....  

Today I came across this from Purpose Fairy, a way to ease that process of plunging into the unknown.  Enjoy, and hopefully be inspired...

Encounter with a Bunny

Kyoto Station - Encountering a Bunny

Kyoto Station - Moving Away Bunny

Kyoto Station - Disappearing Bunny 
That was the brief encounter with the bunny on the escalator at Kyoto Station. The bunny went up and up the escalator and disappeared. I wonder where the bunny ended up. And that toilet seat.

Savory and Sweet Bites at Pie Hole

Pie Hole Entrance
Pie Hole Counter

Savory Chicken Pot Pie 
  Decedent Mexican Chocolate Pie
Veggie Puff Pocket, Chicken Pot Pie, Mexican Chocolate Pie, Lemon Meringue 
Looking at these photos make me crave them again. They use locally produced ingredients, and everything is made from scratch. Menu also changes daily. Each bite of these pies was heavenly, so many delicate flavors! I enjoyed chicken pot pie and Mexican chocolate pie. We took leftovers home and enjoyed them again the next day. I wish I was there right now.

Flowers and Salad Pizza

Flowers from an Alley

Stone Ground Whole Wheat Salad Pizza

Happy Friday! This is what we had for dinner tonight. I threw in ingredients in hand to make a quick pizza, my version which turned out delicious and healthy too. Here's a recipe for you to try out. I hope your weekend is full of flowers and healthy treats. 

Stone ground whole wheat pita
Organic spring mix
Roasted pepper spread
Feta cheese 
Sharp cheddar shredded cheese
Red bell pepper

Spread the roasted pepper spread evenly over the pita bread. Sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese and top it with thinly sliced bell peppers. Bake for 5 to 7 minutes in the toaster oven at 450, until the the bread is toasted and cheese is melted and bubbly. Cool for about 5 minutes and top it with mixed green salad and feta cheese. Enjoy!

World of Magic and Fantasy

Lotte World in Seoul, Korea
Lotte World in Seoul, Korea
Lotte World in Seoul, Korea
Lotte World in Seoul, Korea 
Don't they look like toy models? These were the photos taken last winter when we visited Korea. It rained that day, and we couldn't have found a better place than the indoor Lotte World to spend a rainy afternoon. The place is massive with all types of rides including the balloon ride which was my favorite. There are cafes, a museum, a show stage, an ice skating rink -- an entire landscape indoors.  Then there's more outside . It's truly the Korean world of magic and fantasy.

Time to Paint a Chair

I have this old chair I want to paint over and here are few design combinations I came up with. I'm having a hard time deciding. I'm firm on the colors but not the design. Can you help me decide? 

Original Chair

Possible Color Combo A

Possible Color Combo B

Possible Color Combo C

Photo Experiment

Experiment I - Looking Straight Ahead

Experiment II - Hands in Front of Our Faces
Experiment III - Waving Arms Over Our Heads
Guess who took the photos? I came across these today while looking through old photos. At first I couldn't figure out who took them, but Bill reminded me they are our reflection in the window. Window frame threw me off. Doesn't it look like they were taken from outside?

Lazy Afternoon At Urth Caffe

Outdoor Patio at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica
Green Tea Latte, Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, and Moroccan Green Tea
Isn't the green tea froth swan impressive and beautiful? Taste was wonderful as the swan. I felt so carefree to spend an afternoon eating dessert on a week day.

Dinner is Served

Yellow and Blue Served in a Yellow Bowl 

Orange and Yellow Served on a White Plate

Hot Pink, Orange and Blue Served in a White Bowl

Here are deliciously colorful dishes to feast your eyes on. Have a stomach satisfying weekend!

Thank You Notes

Baby Monster Thank You Note Card 

Baby Monster Thank You Note Card - Front
Baby Monster Thank You Note Card - Back

Here's a new addition to the Hello Maupoo Etsy Shop. Baby monster is an energetic little fellow who is always up for fun and play. Get to know him and you will know what I mean.  

Art Explosion - Part II

Little Tokyo - A Wishing Tree
Downtown Art District - 3 photo composite
Downtown Art District - 2 photo composite
Downtown Art District - Bill in Front of a Wall
Downtown Art District - 3 photo composite
There you have it. I hope the pictures are able to inspire and stimulate your creative mind as they did for me. 

Art Explosion - Part I

Downtown Art District - Side Wall of a Building

Downtown Art District - 2 Wall Art Composite

Downtown Art District - 2 Wall Art Composite

Downtown Art District - Sidewalk & Wall Art Composite
Downtown Art District - 2 Sidewalk Art Composite
I accidentally stumbled upon an art district in downtown when I was visiting a restaurant there. Just thinking about the place gives me goose bumps, it was so invigorating to be surrounded by art - art on the walls, sidewalks, payphone booths, sign posts, sizes ranging from small sidewalk art to building size art. I felt like a kid in a candy store - needless to say, I ran around took photo after photo and  consumed and captured art to my hearts content. I've many more pictures to share. Look for more tomorrow.
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