Hy Jewelry at Pasadena Museum of California Art

I have lived in LA for over a decade now and am still discovering new places. I guess that's the beauty of living in a big city. Recently I came to know Pasadena Museum of California Art through Susan Wang. I met Susan at Unique USA Show and she curates Pasadena Museum shop. This is a museum that excites you from the parking lot. When I visited there for the first time I was welcomed by the vibrant Kosmic Krylon Carnival mural in the parking lot, by Kenny Scharf. You can't help but to get excited to be in a space full of colors and wacky illustrations. I was there to deliver my jewelry to the museum store for the opening night and to see art. Susan has given me a space in the shop to create my own display and encourage me to share and promote my jewelry. After the set up, I got to preview Stas Orlovski: Chimera - projections of the 18th and 19th century moving drawing where histories, events, and dreams magically come together to create a world of its own. I stood there mesmerized by beautifully illustrated images come to life. Needless to say, go check it out! When you are there, stop by the museum store and check out my jewelry too.

Kosmic Krylon Carnival Mural at PMCA
Kosmic Krylon Carnival Mural at PMCA
Jewelry set up for an Opening night at PMCA
Hyjewelry Layout at PMCA
Hyjewelry Layout at PMCA
Stas Orlovski: Chimera 
Maddy at PMCA

Our Mau

I am glad it's today because our Mau is attacking our feet again. She's been very sick with IBS and it became very serious to the point where she stopped eating completely. Our vet helped as much as she could but at the end she told us she was out of options. Seeing my cat of 14 years suffering and not being able to help was a truly painful and heartbreaking experience. Good news is we were able to help her by syringe feeding her to ignite her appetite, along with a change of diet and medicine. She's eating again. We were ecstatic when she started attacking our feet again! Even though it hurts, we really missed her old feisty self. We are monitoring her and celebrating each breakthrough like her normal poop which after many months of diarrhea it's something to celebrate. Now it's time to give her hugs and kisses.

Mau falling asleep
Mau looking pretty
Mau asking, "what do you want?"

Hyjewelry at Food52!

I am super excited to announce my honeycomb necklace is featured on Food52 as part of Kitchen Wearable Goods. Food52 is a thriving food community where they feature mouth watering food photos daily. There you find a wealth of yummy recipes and community support for any food questions. In addition, they have a beautiful shop carrying products that are food related like my Honeycomb necklace! If you are unsure about what to create in your kitchen today, check out Food52 and get inspired!  Oh and can you guess who's wearing a Honeycomb necklace below?

Honeycomb Necklace at Food52

Hyjewelry Invasion

I can't believe it's been two weeks since Unique USA. I have been meaning to write about so many events following the show and time has escaped me until now. I am happy to announce two more great shops carry Hyjewelry! Each shop carries selected jewelry from my collections. Tiny Universe is a super cute boutique in Pasadena, California, nestled in a beautiful London shop setting. This tiny store showcases an inspired collection of minimal design goods. My jewelry fits right in, and you can find and try on my jewelry here too. You won't have any problems finding a great gift here if you can resist getting something for yourself!

Treehuas is another great little shop celebrating its first two weeks grand opening with a 20% discount. Grab a coupon here. They have a range of unique products that will spark your shopping impulse. You may know the shop owner Saralynn through the VW vintage bus, which used to be her store on wheels until it burned down. Now you can visit Saralynn any time at her new Glendale, California location. You can find my new Dots collection there. Dots is my recent jewelry design that is hand molded and carved using clay. Happy shopping!

Here's a sneak preview of Unique USA tomorrow!

Here's a sneak preview of Unique USA tomorrow! Expect a lot. There's a colorful photo booth, keynote speakers, free snacks and drinks, and loud music to entertain (live  DJ). Of course I would love you to visit me. Bill and I worked really hard on this and Bill is about to pass out. See you tomorrow or Sunday! Follow the link. http://www.uniqueusa.com/markets-la

The Unique USA is Happening this Saturday!

It's countdown time and I am feeling the pressure. The Unique USA, originally Unique L.A is happening this Saturday high up in the downtown L.A. skyline and there's a lot to do. Compared to the last show at Long Beach, we are more involved with the booth design. Unique USA is design ground zero where people go all out on interior and product displays. I have to thank my husband for helping me out from the beginning. He's been working non-stop with the booth design. Our design has changed since the beginning because of limitations to our table space. You can see the rendering Bill did below. We had to simplify the design a lot for our space, and you can see the simplified version below too. Bill finished the frame last night, and I am excited to start painting and decorating the exterior. Thank you Bill!

My show's focus is jewelry -- expect to see a lot of new designs. I have been working with clay and now (surprise!) I have a clay collection of earrings, rings, and necklaces. I hope to meet you in person for the first time this Saturday and Sunday at Unique USA.

Do come. The designs, designers and the artistic crowds are things you don't want to miss.  There is nothing quite like this show anywhere.

Unique USA
August 9 & 10th
11am - 6pm
110 East 9th Street
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Original booth design for Unique USA 
Original booth design for Unique USA
Simplified booth design for Unique USA
Bill hard at work

Bill resting after a hard day of work

Hyjewelry at Unique USA this summer!

I am super excited to announce Hyjewelry will be at the Unique USA this summer, August 9 & 10! I have visited Unique USA as a shopper before and always loved the party vibe with live DJ, free snacks and drinks, offbeat crowd, super creative shops, and cool workshops. I am pumped to be a seller this time around. A lot of work ahead to make my booth display stand out and create new jewelry designs for the show. If you haven't been to the show, it's time get over there. To celebrate my first show at the Unique USA, I am giving away two tickets to the show. All you need to do is one or more of the following:

:: Leave a Blog Post Comment
:: Follow @Maupoo on Twitter
:: Like us @ Hello Maupoo on Facebook 
:: Link to us from your Blog

Be sure to let me know which ones you did in the blog comment section below. The giveaway ends Sunday, August 3. Good Luck!

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