Pattern Land - Colorful Place Full of Patterns

I am excited to share my new Pattern Land series. Pattern Land is a colorful happy place full of Pattern Creatures living in a land made of patterns. This series captures the simple moments of the family of four who live there. They are available at Hello Maupoo. Enjoy!

Pattern Land - Set of Three Prints

Little Pattern Creatures Print

Pattern Creatures Family Portrait
Peek a Boo Print

Rainbow Print

Thread Earrings are here!

Do you love thread earrings much as I do? Here are my latest designs of thread earrings. I wanted to maintained the delicate and light nature of the thread by incorporating simple geometric shapes. They are super light and easy to wear, and goes well with any outfits. They are available at Hy Jewelry. Enjoy!

January Blues...Moving Forward

It seemed like yesterday we celebrated the New Year, yet we are already midway through January. People say time flies when you are having fun. Not for me. I've been struggling this month to be productive. I am not sure if it's the pressure of starting the new year right or just a symptom of post holiday blues. Well here I am. I have a project that I started last year which I have been struggling to get back to. Good news is I got back to it the last the few days and am finally happy with the direction it's taking. Below are makings of where I am going.

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