August Dropps Calendar - Free Printable

Yesterday I shared with you the collection of designs I've been working on. I was thinking about ways to launch the Dropps design collection, and it came to me, why not with a Free Printable Calendar. I already had a design ready to go for the August calendar, but decided to bring in a taste of Dropps. So here it is, my first piece to launch the Dropps Collection. I hope it brings a little smile to your day. Get your free copy below.

Free August Calendar - Dropps Collection

New Dropps Collection is Almost Here

For past two weeks I've been working on new collection of designs. Here's a sneak preview of what I been working on which I am very excited about. These are a series of compositions using mainly the tear drop shape. It was an interesting study to work mainly with one shape to create unique design compositions. I was surprised how many designs came through me. I will be sharing many of these designs in the form of calendars, cards, prints, and tote bags. I am thinking about adding more new products, which I will share with you as they comes. So stay tuned!

2014 Calendar - Dropps Collection 

 8 x 10 Prints - Dropps Collection 

11x17 Prints - Dropps Collection 

Busy Making Stuff

I have been busy creating stuff. I now have a work table set up across from my computer desk, unlike before when I just worked on few inches of table top next to my computer. I have found that having all the craft tools and materials out on the craft table has helps me to delve in more freely than having everything tucked away. For a very long time my medium for creating has been the Adobe Suite. Lately I have been experimenting with pastel, paint, pencil on paper and polymer clay. With the polymer clay I made the goats as you can see below. From this project I can sense that polymer clay will be a medium I come back to often.

Drawing - Pencil, Pastel, and Paint on Paper

Drawing - Pencil, Pastel, and Paint on Paper

Hello Maupoo Goat Pins - Bring One Home

Height of Summer

Summer is in full swing. I can really feel the heat during the day. I love the days when I can pack a lunch for a beach picnic. This is a photo taken at the Santa Monica beach. 

Below are summer totes I designed inspired by colorful sun umbrellas and bright blue sky. I love using them for summer outings. They are available at Hello Maupoo.  

Santa Monica Beach 
Summer Totes - Hello Maupoo 

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