Hyjewelry at Unique USA this summer!

I am super excited to announce Hyjewelry will be at the Unique USA this summer, August 9 & 10! I have visited Unique USA as a shopper before and always loved the party vibe with live DJ, free snacks and drinks, offbeat crowd, super creative shops, and cool workshops. I am pumped to be a seller this time around. A lot of work ahead to make my booth display stand out and create new jewelry designs for the show. If you haven't been to the show, it's time get over there. To celebrate my first show at the Unique USA, I am giving away two tickets to the show. All you need to do is one or more of the following:

:: Leave a Blog Post Comment
:: Follow @Maupoo on Twitter
:: Like us @ Hello Maupoo on Facebook 
:: Link to us from your Blog

Be sure to let me know which ones you did in the blog comment section below. The giveaway ends Sunday, August 3. Good Luck!


New Member of the Family

I am excited and happy to introduce Maddy, who we adopted this past Friday. We have been fostering her and a puppy we named Spaz for awhile now, and fell in love with them both. We weren't able to keep the puppy for various reasons, but happy and sad at the same time that she has found a good home that we helped pick. I am missing her right now. I have to admit, all this came about suddenly without any planning on our part. My husband and I happen to walk past a pet adoption on our regular evening walk... which means an animal wriggling into our home was just a matter of time! Prior to this I have never had a dog, therefore I thought fostering a puppy would be easy, naively thinking she will often be asleep. WRONG! I am little worn out but happy to have had a chance to care for them and to adopt our Maddy. She is calm and sweet in nature. Because of her history of abuse it's taking her time to be herself, and we have been slowly getting to know her. I must admit I was most ecstatic when I saw her smile for the first time after so many days of fostering her. It is amazing to see her personality blossom each day. Looking forward to every day with her.

These animals badly need homes to go to. I have fostered the dogs through Grace Animal Rescue Organization. All the supplies and food are provided by the Grace Animal Rescue, and all you need to give is love and care. It's work but they bring so much joy to a home. 

Enjoy the video below!

Family Portrait - Mau (cat), Maddy (Toy Poodle), and Spaz (Jack Russell Terrier Mix)
Maddy and Spaz
Family Portrait - Mau (cat), Maddy (Toy Poodle), and Spaz (Jack Russell Terrier Mix)
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