Hy Jewelry - Now Open!

I have a small collection of necklaces I designed at Hy Jewelry Etsy, just opened! I'm a graphic designer and rarely get to work with raw materials. Being able to touch, shape, and feel the metals was  in a way frightening, since I can't hit a delete key, but at the same time liberating. There's no monitor between me and the material. I started the 2013 Light Geometric Series Collection soon after I left my full time job. This is my outlet to start something new and different. I'm learning as I go and crossing my fingers for something good. Thanks for reading and love to hear what you think.

Opening - delicate balance of weight and shapes - a small opening of
the silver diamond invites and entertains the possibilities. When you
find that right opening life opens up.

Balance - simple and delicate squared shape necklace balanced by two
 gold hexagons. It’s designed to inspire balance and calm in
everyday wear.

Interaction - simple tension of the pull and balance between the strings
of gold chains and a circle, defining a dimension for the whole piece.
Meaning of a great friendship.

Light Fancy - gold and silver layered chains balanced by a gold wavy
 charm. It’s light with touch of fancy to make a day little more special.
Flow - like flow of water two delicate gold and silver chains flow into a
diamond piece. Everyday is a effortless flow.

Centered - perfectly centered piece that brings balance and peace to a day.
Multifaceted gold hexagon adds playfulness to the piece.

       All images and design © 2012 Hyun Yu. All rights reserved.

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