Fun Wednesday

My husband and I both work from home, and it's really easy for us to be home-bound through the week, except when we take walks in the late afternoon. It occurred to me I needed to make plans in the week to get us out of the house for some fun and to explore new places. Working our own hours we have the advantage of doing this any day of the week, which is great because weekends are often packed with people everywhere. I chose Wednesday as our fun day to explore a new place around the city. So here it begins. 

Last week we had to go to Pasadena for business so we made a day of it. Every time I visit Pasadena I am always impressed with the city. It's full of creative shops and restaurants, wide open roads, beautiful old trees surrounding impressive home etc.. We drove up to Arlington Garden and were greeted by the scent of orange flowers. I instantly felt calm and peaceful there. It's a mid-size public garden full of a great variety of rare and endangered California Natives and orange groves that are self sustaining. The garden is divided into sections, each section furnished with inviting chairs, benches, and tables surrounded by coordinated wild flowers, trees, and native plants. You can go through the garden in less than an hour but we ended exploring there for hours. It's such a magical place. If you ever need to get away in need for serenity, I highly recommend this garden. 

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