All About Garlic

Do you love garlic as much as I do? Garlic is an essential ingredient in my cooking. Whenever recipes ask for garlic I often add a clove or two more than it asks for. Garlic adds a lot of flavor which helps me cut down on salt. But as much as I love garlic I can't say I like the pungent smell of garlic, or of it on my hands from the peeling and chopping. It turns out there's solution to all this. There's a very simple, and somewhat hard to believe, way to eliminate garlic smell by rubbing hands on stainless steel surfaces. I learned this from Lucy, my mother-in-law. I usually rub them on my stainless steel kitchen facet after washing my hands. It works like magic every time. 

And for peeling and chopping of garlic, there's a simple method to this as well. First hit the head of the garlic bulb with base of a cup and break them apart. Grab two metal bowls and put the garlic cloves into a bowl, and close the top with the other and shake really hard, about 30 seconds. Here's a demo from Todd Coleman from Saveur Magazine. You will love the result!

Since garlic is an ingredient I use all the time, it saves me time to prepare it ahead of time. I usually chop up about 20-25 garlic cloves and store them in a small jar with 1 cup of olive oil. It's good for up to two months in the refrigerator. 

So there it is, everything I know about garlic. Enjoy your garlic!


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