Museum of Sweets

Does aging change your taste buds? Having grown up in Korea I used to not care for sweets much. But for a few years now I've noticed myself eating more sweets. Now I crave sweets after a meal or just out of the blue. Is it my husband's sweet tooth? When I go to grocery stores or restaurants I always check the dessert section and linger. I love eye shopping at any dessert counter, like the display at Bottega Louie. I consider Bottega Louie a dessert heaven not just for tasty treats but for their artistry. I often feel like I am in a  museum of sweets whenever I walk into this open white space, with its classical high ceiling. The lights from the windows brighten up the space and details of cake and pastries really stand out. I appreciate their minimal style with ornate attention in keeping with the space. Of course delicious pastries make the place perfect. Happy sweet weekend! 

Bottega Louie - puff pastries with mixed berries
Bottega Louie - dessert counter
Bottega Louie - open white space with classical high ceiling
Bottega Louiedessert counter
Bottega Louieartisan bread display

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