Wonderful Surprise at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

I had a wonderful surprise last Sunday when I visited the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. There was a petting zoo full of goats and other farm animals! I stood and watched them interact with each other and with children. The petting zoo was cramped with too many children full of excitement, yet they seemed not to be fazed by it. They went about the day just like any other day, eating, resting, pooping, and eating some more.

I feel like there's some lesson there. It was so much fun watching them I lost track of time.

Goats hanging out at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market
Duck, Chinese Chickens "Silkie", Goats - Santa Monica Farmer's Market
A child feeding a goat - Santa Monica Farmer's Market

After seeing the goats I can't help but to be inspired. And here are my latest goat cards. They are available at Hellomaupoo.
Goat Series - 5 Pack Cards

Goat Series - 5 Pack Cards

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