The Unique USA is Happening this Saturday!

It's countdown time and I am feeling the pressure. The Unique USA, originally Unique L.A is happening this Saturday high up in the downtown L.A. skyline and there's a lot to do. Compared to the last show at Long Beach, we are more involved with the booth design. Unique USA is design ground zero where people go all out on interior and product displays. I have to thank my husband for helping me out from the beginning. He's been working non-stop with the booth design. Our design has changed since the beginning because of limitations to our table space. You can see the rendering Bill did below. We had to simplify the design a lot for our space, and you can see the simplified version below too. Bill finished the frame last night, and I am excited to start painting and decorating the exterior. Thank you Bill!

My show's focus is jewelry -- expect to see a lot of new designs. I have been working with clay and now (surprise!) I have a clay collection of earrings, rings, and necklaces. I hope to meet you in person for the first time this Saturday and Sunday at Unique USA.

Do come. The designs, designers and the artistic crowds are things you don't want to miss.  There is nothing quite like this show anywhere.

Unique USA
August 9 & 10th
11am - 6pm
110 East 9th Street
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Original booth design for Unique USA 
Original booth design for Unique USA
Simplified booth design for Unique USA
Bill hard at work

Bill resting after a hard day of work

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