Box Full of Maple Goodies

Do you have a favorite sweetener?  I have two. Maple syrup and honey. Yesterday a box arrived from Richards Maple in Chardon, Ohio, a surprise gift of goodies from Bill's mom for his birthday. I love this particular maple syrup because it's directly from the orchard, and for its quality. The box contained maple candied bunnies, hard-candies, soft candies, and a pint of maple syrup that's made with 100% maple tree sap. I like to use maple syrup instead of sugar in a lot of my recipes for taste and for its nutritional value. Simple rule of thumb is 3/4 cup of Maple Syrup equals 1 cup of sugar. Have you tried maple syrup on vanilla ice cream, buttered toast or on roasted vegetables? It's so good! As you can tell, I am super excited and looking into getting more recipes to incorporate maple syrup.

Grade A Medium Amber Pure Maple Syrup from Richards Maple Products

Maple Drops, Maple Cream, Maple Bunnies - Sweet Delights!

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